Below The Bay Bridge, San Francisco

Below the Bay Bridge - Photo Processing

I am just getting around to working with shots taken during my last few days in San Francisco. This one was pretty contrasty. It seemed like a good time to try out Photomatix, usually an HDR program but which can process single images, and see what I could do. I rather like the surreal feeling.

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A Day in Essex, CT.

The weather here turned today from oppressively hot and muggy to dry and pleasant. Gerri and I decided to take advantage of the break and travel down to Essex on the Connecticut shore. I had not been there in 40 years or so. I wondered whether it would be as lovely as I remembered. Actually I wondered whether it could be as I remembered.

It was.

Park in Essex, Ct Overlooking Connecticut River

Congregational Church, Essex, CT

An Essex, CT. Home

Marina on the Connecticut River, Essex, CT.

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On the Road Again, Like a Band of Gypsies …

Nevada Byway Late june 2010

A scene from my trek east from California to Connecticut in late June 2010. What a trip that was. This was shot somewhere east of Reno. There is a lot to that story, and perhaps someday I’ll write about it, even here.
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Back in New England

I grew up here, and it feels so familiar. I feel like in moving from California to Connecticut, I’ve changed planets not states. It is nowhere near so looney here in Connecticut, but the weather takes some getting used to.

Here is a scene in our neighboring town of Naugatuck.

On the Square in Naugatuck, CT

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World Headquarters of Wilson of Waterbury Photography N.A.

Now, it doesn’t look like much, but in this day and age it doesn’t take much, just a LOT of money poured into a very small space. Just about everything that is done after a shoot is done here. Printers are a different issue. NOTE: 3 external hard drives on the desk. That is 2.5 terbytes of storage, not to mention another 1.5 terbytes on a second internal hard drive. When you see something like that, you know a photographer has had the heck scared out of him by something. In my case it was a primary hard drive failure.

In any event, when I’m not in the field on a shoot, you are as likely as not to find me in this space working on one project or another.

"Brain Room" of Wilson of Waterbury

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Well, Lets’ Get Started!

4th of july Waterbury, Connecticut

With my move from the Left Coast to the Right Coast, I had to jump all the hurdles to get a new web site up, do all the foolishness it requires to get positioned on Google, reach out to everyone you can think of for favorable links, and, oh yeah, post some nice images and get started chronicling this part of life’s journey.

So, let’s start with a bang!

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