1st Congregational Church, Lictchfield, Connecticut

     This is the 1st Congregational Church of Litchfield, CT. It was built about 1820. It replaced an earlier church which burned. The church was organized in the 1720s. It radiates Puritan simplicity. No crosses, stained glass (but for one tucked away in the back of the church and out of the sanctuary). or decorations of any kind are to be found. The architecture, the word and music are all there is and all they desire. The bible in the pulpit is open to the Psalms. I thought I heard the voice of Oliver Cromwell, but that was likely just my imagination … right?

     It is reputedly the most photographed church in New England. If so, I can see why. It is lovely, and unlike many such New England churches, it can be photographed to advantage without a lot of other buildings, power lines etc to obstruct the view.

Here is a gallery including several interiors I took that you might find interesting: http://wilson-of-waterbury-photographer.com/Galleries.html

1st Congregational Church, Litchfield, CT

Sanctuary, 1st Congregational Church, Litchfield, CT

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2 Responses to 1st Congregational Church, Lictchfield, Connecticut

  1. Glenn Buzbee says:

    Truly this church building is a classic of American Christendom at its best. The simple and uncluttered sanctuary allows for the worshipers’ proper focus to be placed in a Godward direction.

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