World Headquarters of Wilson of Waterbury Photography N.A.

Now, it doesn’t look like much, but in this day and age it doesn’t take much, just a LOT of money poured into a very small space. Just about everything that is done after a shoot is done here. Printers are a different issue. NOTE: 3 external hard drives on the desk. That is 2.5 terbytes of storage, not to mention another 1.5 terbytes on a second internal hard drive. When you see something like that, you know a photographer has had the heck scared out of him by something. In my case it was a primary hard drive failure.

In any event, when I’m not in the field on a shoot, you are as likely as not to find me in this space working on one project or another.

"Brain Room" of Wilson of Waterbury

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4 Responses to World Headquarters of Wilson of Waterbury Photography N.A.

  1. Glenn Buzbee says:

    John, I love the look of this spot. So “Up East” looking. And yes, really different from California. Both edges of our nation have their charm. I’m glad you’ve settled in such a culturally rich and visually stimulating area. So much to explore and photographically conquer! I look forward to seeing visual bits of your excursions round and about.

  2. Glenn Buzbee says:

    And what I was trying to remember to tell you is I love the concept of this being your “World Headquarters!” I am adopting/stealing that idea for my own workspace at home here in Bradenton. Thanks for the great idea.

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