Well, Lets’ Get Started!

4th of july Waterbury, Connecticut

With my move from the Left Coast to the Right Coast, I had to jump all the hurdles to get a new web site up, do all the foolishness it requires to get positioned on Google, reach out to everyone you can think of for favorable links, and, oh yeah, post some nice images and get started chronicling this part of life’s journey.

So, let’s start with a bang!

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5 Responses to Well, Lets’ Get Started!

  1. Paul says:

    Well, heck! Welcome to the “Right” coast. All the way from CA to CT. What a move!!!

  2. Tell me about it. The drive from the Wyoming border to Omaha is, I think, about 3500 miles. If it weren’t for the wind, there wouldn’t be anything out there! Nevada was not much better. Utah and Wyoming were great. The rest of the trip, Mo-Ct, I’ve made many times.

  3. Craig Hansen says:

    It is a shame we didn’t hook up before you left. But, I had no idea you were even leaving. Hope you enjoy the east coast John!
    Your friend,

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